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Mr Boom and Bommbdy BouncerBoomdy Bouncer

Boomdy Bouncer is my lunar doggie. He's got a funny lunar bark, which sounds more like a "poo poo!" than a "woof woof!". He makes funny noises when he bounces about. Although he can only talk Boomdy noises I sometimes know he can think. In fact I've just heard him thinking "Hello! I'm Mr. Boom's lunar doggie and he wrote this song about me: -

I've got a dog and he lives on the moon and his name is Boomdy Bouncer
He can jump much higher than the dogs on Earth and his name is Boomdy Bouncer
He can jump very high into outer space
Cos gravity is low when the moon's your base
He's a unique member of the doggie race and his name is Boomdy Bouncer

Bounce, Bounce, Bounce goes Boomdy Bouncer
Bounce, Bounce, Bounce - what a lunar dog
Bounce, Bounce, Bounce goes Boomdy Bouncer
Bounce, Bounce, Bounce like a giant frog.

He looks very silly with his space suit on, my cosmic Boomdy Bouncer
When I sing space tunes he yowls along, my cosmic Boomdy Bouncer
His ears prick up when I bang my drum and he chases his tail when I go rat-a-tum
He's a lunar doggie and a very good chum, my cosmic Boomdy Bouncer.

You'll find the whole of this song in the Singalong with Mr. Boom songbook and you can hear it on the Singalong with Mr. Boom cassette.

Mr Boom wrote another song about me called Bounce! Sploosh! You'll find that one on the Play Along with Mr Boom cassette.

He also wrote one called Daisy about a doggie on Planet earth who used to drive me crazy. That song's on the Mr Boom is Over the Moon cassette and CD

Bleep Moon BleepBleep Moon Bleep

Hello! I help Mr Boom with technical matters, radio and television signals and things silly cone chip. Maybe you saw me on the screen of my friend Cath Ode Ray Tube when I used to let Mr Boom know when the story teller was about to arrive on BBC2's Over the Moon TV programme

I try my best to be musical like Mr Boom and he programmed me to sing this song called Robot Dance. It's on the Dance Along with Mr Boom cassette

Hello! I am a robot. My name is Bleep-moon-Bleep
I like to dance and swivel on my tractor feet
My brain is a computer, circuits silicon chip


Oosagi's very shy and doesn't say much in English. She appeared in my lunar fantasy after I'd visited Japan. When some Japanese children discovered that I came from the moon, they asked me if I'd seen the rabbit. "What rabbit" I asked. "Oosagi" they said and sang me this traditional japanese song: -

Oosagi Oosagi
Na nay me tay han eh loo
Jo o go ya oh tooki sama
Me tay ha-a-an eh loo