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Over 60 Over the Moon with Mr Boom BBC 2 educational programmes were broadcast in the UK, both regionally and networked, between 1990 and 1996.

In the programme Mr Boom used to observe what was going on on Planet Earth by looking through his telescope.

Maybe you saw yourself in your classroom or on your way to school?

Mr Boom also used to be visited by a storyteller who read a story from a book and during the programme Mr Boom always sang a song.

(the rights to these programmes are held by BBC Enterprises)


Mr Boom first arrived on Planet Earth to compere the children's hour at Edinburgh's Princes St Gardens in summer 1984 (the Orwellian year of the future)

30 years later in summer 2014 he was asked by The Edinburgh International Festival Fireworks promotional team to play a section of The 1812 Overture

Source reading for the won a clock Boom is recommended. Read "In search of Time" by Canadian physicist Dan Falk





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The moon’s a sphere. The Planet Earth’s a sphere. How do sphere’s work?

1. Meet Mr Boom’s Five Platonic Robot Friends – The “Heidrons” – have a tete a tete with them and you’ll be given the a basic understanding of the basic shapes , the number of faces, edges and points they all have that each touch three concentric spheres.

The Heidrons first appeared at Mr Boom's "Fly to the Moon" Christma season show at The Glasgow Royal Concert Hall in 1993. They've also appeared at the Edinburgh International Children's Festival, The Orkney Science Festival, at a polyhedral workshop and theatre project at Farr Primary School in Bettyhill, Sutherland and at the Caithness Science Festival in 2006

2. Mr Boom’s Domes

Mr Boom’s domes are all hemispheres – half a sphere – over lunar craters. Find out how the Heidrons helped him build them and see examples on Planet Earth. – more information soon.

3. Geometry is in Planet Earth’s nature and the universes galaxies.

Shell Fish and Flowers and Plants use a basic geometric proportion well known to the Heidrons, to grow. Find out 'phi' the golden mean appears here and there and everywhere.

Oosagi will tell you about counting rabbits with the help of Fibonacci

Mr Boom's Polhedral Workshop

Mr Boom does "hands on" workshops in the construction of the five platanonic polyhera using the zometool kit. He shows wee earthlings how all of the five polyhedra are actually "space frames" that all live inside eachother, rather than the traditional (re-imported) Greek concept of them being Platonic  "solids". Here's a picture of 7 happy workshop participants, who travelled from Farr, Bettyhill to take part in a workshop at the Caithness Science Festival in 2006:-

If you are a maths, physics or biology teacher and are interested in having Mr Boom hold a workshop at your school, science festival or university, then do get in touch.

If telepathy doesn't work then try emailing, telephoning or writing a letter.

Here's a Cosmic question from Mr Boom - "Does thought travel faster than light?"


Mr Boom is very much an amateur astronomer but has been fascinated by the heavens ever since he’s stayed very young. He’s aware that, over the ages, different cultures on Planet Earth have made different pictures in the sky by joining up star dots. It’s often easier for young earthlings to make their own pictures up before they try to see the shapes and constellations of the traditions. Mr Boom’s made his own wee journey from shape to shape in the sky, refering to conventionally held patterns on the way. Join him on a inter stellar journey.

Information coming soon.

Meanwhile learn a bit about the other planets that go around the same sun as Planet Earth by listening to the "Solar System Dance" on Mr Boom's 2nd  album "Dance Along with Mr Boom".



Information to come on how to learn how to play various instruments. Meanwhile - sing!

Information to come on various interesting sounds emanating from Planet Earth.

Mr Boom's music will soon be down-loadable from a new Moonbeam Music website