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On The Moon with Mr Boom live a few lunar pals:


boombdy bouncer Boomdy Bouncer - his dog

Boomdy just loves bouncing about in the moon's low gravity. He sniffs around the craters and goes swimming in the sea of tranquillity. Sometimes he disappears in the sea of invisibility and he can't be seen until all the water has dried away. Mr Boom's written at least two songs for Boomdy who sometimes joins in the music.


bleep moon bleepBleep-Moon-Bleep - his robot
Bleep-Moon-Bleep keeps Mr Boom well-advised on things technical and scientific. Bleep would really like to be a moon person just like Mr Boom. Mr Boom has written a robot dance song especially for him.




Oosagi - the Japanese rabbit
Mr Boom discovered once on a trip to planet earth that Japanese children see a rabbit on the moon. They sang him the Oosagi song and when he was practising it back home on the moon, Oosagi popped out of a lunar crater to say hello and sing along. Oosagi's very shy and she doesn't really like Boomdy all that much because he likes to chase her around the lunar craters.
Mr Boom based his third album - "Playalong with Mr Boom" around the idea that different cultures have different imaginings as to who lives on the moon. Oosagi sings Sakura - a traditional Japanese song about cherry blossom on Mr Boom's fourth Over the Moon album.

There are many visitors to the moon including the Storyteller and the Heidrons - a family of five robot pals of Bleep-moon-Bleep's, and the Eeki Sound Creatures who come in search of consonants in lunar craters. Not all these characters have been seen on television but they've all been seen at Mr Boom's bigger stage productions such as his Christmas season at Glasgow's Royal Concert hall in 1993.